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2009: A Year in Review & 2010: Plans For the Year

by Herr Direktor on Feb.04, 2010, under Uncategorized

Hey everyone, as promised on my last post here is a quick year in review for 2009 and a rundown on what’s to come for 2010:

  • January  14th, 2009: “Slayer Wars: Episode LVII: The Vampyre Strikes Back” finally completed after nearly 10 years.  Thanks to Scott Kos, this Uber-Special Edition cut had a brand new original score.

Joe and Derek at the Slayer Wars Premiere

  • 27 days of shooting on “Slayer Wars 2” in 2009.  September 11, 2009 was the final night shooting “Slayer Wars 2.”

  • September 20, 2009: “Slayer Wars 3” Filming commences.

  • October 9th-11th : Kick-Off for A3F One Shot 48hr Film Contest, Filming next day, Editing.  The outcome was “Down and Out.”
  • October 21st: Public Screening of One-Shot

  • October 24th – First screening of the first cut of Slayer Wars 2.
  • 8 Total days of shooting on Slayer Wars 3 in 2009.


  • First half of 2010 – “Slayer Wars 2”: Second Trailer.

  • January 2010: “Slayer Wars 3” Day 9 and 10.  Slayer Wars 3 production is to be completed over the course of this year.  Judging by the number of pages for the script and how long Slayer Wars 2 took, I expect at least another 25-35 days of shooting, so it will likely be between October and December when we finally wrap.
  • February 12-14, 2010: 48 Hour A3F Film Challenge.  We’ll be competing in another 48 hour film competition, let us know if you’ll be available to help this weekend.
  • May 27-30, 2010: Phoenix Comicon 2010- DreamStalker Films will have a table for screening all of our films.  We intend to be selling a DreamStalker Films DVD, T-Shirts, and Decals.  We should have some freebies to give away and hopefully some first looks at our films in progress.

Additional goals:

  • Completion of “Cubicell.”
  • Shooting of a ten minute short film version of “Reunion.”
  • Finishing the Look Out For That Snake Productions film, “Schoolyard Ninjas.”  This was a 16mm Film shot many years ago that is in my possession and I’ll be putting it together finally.
  • Finishing new saber effects for Out For That Snake Productions film, “Fall of the Sith,” another 16mm shot a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  I’ll be re-cutting this one and Scott Kos will be putting together a new score for it as well (which will likely be heard in Slayer Wars 2 as well).
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  1. Shannon

    You guys accomplished a lot this last year! 2010 is looking to be a GREAT year for DreamStalker Films! Keep up the great work!

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