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DreamStalker Films is a small independent film company based in Mesa, AZ.  We have been working as a business since 2009, but we have been making films since 1999.  The company is co-owned by Joseph M. Benzer  and Derek Lookingbill.

We began in 1999 with the short fanfilm: “Slayer Wars: Episode LVII: The Vampyre Strikes Back,” which for the first time combined Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the Jedi and Sith of Star Wars.  This film was shot entirely on VHS and took 4 years in total to complete with visual effects, but did not get an original score until 2008.  The Uber-Special Edition cut of the film premiered for the first time publicly at the 2009 Phoenix Comicon.

Our second film, “Dreamscape Excursion,” was a silent short film shot on 16mm in 2001.  This was based loosely on the unpublished novel, Dreamscape, which the director had written a few years prior.

In 2003 we did our first short film on Digital (mini DV).  “Game of Stamina,” was completely shot over the course of one long night.

After much anticipation by our small fanbase, and after years of saying we would make more Slayer Wars movies, we finally did begin filming Slayer Wars 2 and 3 in late 2008 to make a complete trilogy.  We have completed principle photography on Slayer Wars 2 and 3 and now those have been placed on the back burners for visual effects in favor of working on more original projects.

In 2013, we shot our first High Definition film (which is now our standard format), “Tea Time”.  Currently we have several projects in various stages of development, including some feature length films, and continue to maintain a minimum of one short film shot and completed per year.

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