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“The DreamStalker Films Christmas Special” – Now Live!

by Herr Direktor on Dec.24, 2012, under Film News, Site Updates

Merry Christmas!

As many of you may or may not know, we have been hard at work working on “The Con”, our 2013 film for submission to the Phoenix Comicon.  This is one of our largest projects since Slayer Wars and is taking a lot of time and energy to produce.  We stlll have two more shooting days to complete before we speed through post-production to meet the Jan 31st deadline.

While we’ve been working on the post-production for the sequences we have completed on “The Con” and prepping for the sequences we have yet to film, we have squeezed in another project: our annual two-week film!  This one barely made it into 2012 with everything else going on, but we just managed to complete it.  As a gift to our fans, we managed to make this one Christmas themed, and just in time!

If you want to see the details on the film, check out the page for it here.  Without further ado, click on the video for “The DreamStalker Films Christmas Special”

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“The Con” Begins Filming and Goings On With DSF

by Herr Direktor on Sep.29, 2012, under Film News, Site Updates

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve updated the site, it probably looks like DreamStalker Films’ has shutdown to anyone not following us on Facebook.  So here’s what’s been going on:

My primary DreamStalker Films external hard drive crashed a few months ago.  Unfortunately it was completely unrecoverable.  Because of this I lost (amongst other things) a couple of finished lightsaber shots from “Fall of the Sith” and the finished rough cuts of Slayer Wars 2 and 3.  I a few months of editing of Slayer Wars 3 (because I had forgotten to be backing up on that one), but everything for Slayer Wars 2 was backed up.

So, I have a lot of work to do still to get back up to where I was on Slayer Wars 3.  However, we have completed almost all of the dialogue replacement that was needed for Slayer Wars 2.  The next step on Slayer Wars is to trim down the rough cut now that the dialogue can be heard all the way throughout.  After that, I’ll work on getting Slayer Wars 3 back up to the rough cut I had before.  Once that is complete we’ll finish recording dialogue replacement for that one (over half of it has already been re-recorded).  Then, Scott will be mixing the final version of the musical sequence.  Finally, we’ll do another screening of 2 and 3 with all the cast and crew.  (Post-production visual effects should become higher on the list of to-do projects by then but will still take quite a long time)

I have also been continuing to work on lightsaber effects for “Fall of the Sith”.  There’s still plenty to do with this one and I am still hoping to be done by the end of the year, but as I have just done the schedule for DSF for the rest of the year, we may be too busy for me to finish, so it may be more like the first half of 2013.

Last week we completed our first day of filming our new film, “The Con”.  This film is something Shannon Griffith came up with as an idea for us to do specifically for submission to the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival next year, so we’re on a bit of a time crunch and it’s more like doing 6 short films in one.  We have two more shooting days for this one this year and then the final two shooting days will be in January.  One of the sequences for this short will be a sequence previewing the pilot to our upcoming webseries Phantom Dust: The Chronicles of Mordecai Cooper.

Additionally, we still have our annual DSF Two-Week Project this year.  We’ll be doing this in December and should have the film posted on our site for Christmas (you’re welcome)!

So I have a lot of pre-production stuff to get ready for the rest of “The Con” but keep checking back and I’ll try to keep this blog posted with updates.

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“Schoolyard Ninjas” to Premiere at the Phoenix Comicon!

by Herr Direktor on May.22, 2012, under Film News, Promotions/Events

As some of you may or may not be aware, we submitted two films to the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival this year.  Unfortunately, “99 Problems…” was not selected.  “Schoolyard Ninjas”, however, had gotten mixed in the shuffle.  So, although it is not an “official selection”, it will premiere at the con.

“Schoolyard Ninjas” kicks off the comedy block on Saturday night at 11pm.  The film is 10 minutes, so if you have other plans at the con at that time, 11 pm is a great time for a short break to come see our film.

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“Schoolyard Ninjas” Goes Live!

by Herr Direktor on Mar.26, 2012, under Film News, Promotions/Events, Site Updates

Eleven years since it was filmed on a warm Arizona day… “Schoolyard Ninjas” has finally been completed.  The short was directed by Jay Montoya all those years ago while we were in our second semester of Film Class at ASU.  I was on camera (16mm) and after the film was shelved for a few years I took over Producing and all other Post-Production (thanks to Jay for giving me the opportunity to work on this film again).

I’d like to thank the voice over cast (Pete Haverson, Matt Torrez, Shannon Griffith, Alanta Noel, and Derek Lookingbill) as well as composer Scott Kos for their participation in finally getting this project completed.

This film and our last Two-Week Challenge, “99 Problems…” have both been submitted to the Phoenix Comicon 2012 Film Festival this last week, so may the Force be with us!

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New Film: “99 Problems…” Goes Live, and Remembering Nicki Reddy

by Herr Direktor on Nov.06, 2011, under Film News, Site Updates

Welcome back DSF fans!

Today have a couple of things to post.  First, we have just completed our newest short film, “99 Problems…”  This was our second annual two-week film project.  You can see the details on the production and requirements on the page for the film by clicking here.

Sadly, our second piece of news is that this last week we lost a member of the DreamStalker Films’ family.  On October 30th, Monique Reddy passed away.  Nicki, as she was known by her friends, was a wonderful friend, a talented dancer, and an amazing photographer.  She was a long time supporter of DSF and was the Still Photographer on the “Who Are You?” Amoric video.   A few of her pictures from that shoot appear right in the video (which you can see here).  Additional photos from that project can be seen on our Facebook, here.  In addition, she also knit the yellow hat in the video and did Shannon Griffith’s makeup.

Nicki touched the lives of everyone she knew and will be greatly missed by everyone here at DreamStalker Films.  I have dedicated “99 Problems…” to Nicki and included a short tribute to her at the end of the credits.

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“This is the end of the Slayer Wars!”

by Herr Direktor on Oct.11, 2011, under Film News

Although a more accurate title for this post would probably be “This is the end of principle photography for Slayer Wars 3,” I opted to go for the line in the Slayer Wars musical number we just shot on the last shooting day for the final installment to the trilogy…

So after 30 official shooting days over the course of two years just about everything has been shot for Slayer Wars.  Only a couple of very short pickups (no re-shoots,  a very rough cut has already been reviewed by the main cast and crew!) remain.  Next part of the process is  finishing the rough cut and moving onto looping.  Looping will start with recording a master version of the musical number with Scott Kos, musical composer for the series.

"Slayer Wars" Pretzels

R2-D2 Treats

Last weekend we celebrated the wrapping of the trilogy with a party that included some themed treats and the rough cut of the movie (basically missing one scene that has not been put together.

Up next for me will be completing the pickups and working on coloring the official poster.

"Slayer Wars 3" Poster Sketch

On October 22nd we start the second annual DreamStalker Films Two Week Project.  Last year the result was “Laptops’ Revenge” so hopefully this too will be a great addition to the DSF library.

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DreamStalker Films’ short, “Fair Seasons” goes live!

by Herr Direktor on Jul.03, 2011, under Film News, Site Updates


Our short film for February’s A3F 48 Hour Film Competition is finally officially completed and online.  The film was semi-completed and turned in for the competition on time, but since I felt the film was not completed I insisted on completing it before posting it.

I finally had a day to work on it this weekend and got it all finished.  You can see the film below and read all about the production on it’s permanent page here.

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New Music Video for Amoric’s “Who Are You?” Now Online!

by Herr Direktor on Jun.12, 2011, under Film News, Site Updates

Well, I think the headline there pretty much covers it.  Be sure to check out the music video right here while you can (this may be a limited viewing, more on that to come).  After you check out the video be sure to check out the main page for this project for details on the production.  Don’t forget to swing by amoric.com and check out more of their music.

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DreamStalker Films at PHXCC!

by Herr Direktor on May.25, 2011, under Film News, Promotions/Events

Big news for those who have not heard… “Laptops’ Revenge” will be premiering at the Phoenix Comicon this Saturday at 11:20am.  Come by and check it out and stay awhile for the Q&A with local filmmakers at 12:20pm.  I will be there with members of the cast and the producers.

Xander Benzer, Scott Kos, Peter Haverson, Jason Lippencott, Nick Benzer, and Shannon Griffith on the set of "Laptops' Revenge"

If you can come a bit earlier our friend Kane Black will be premiering his short “Fashion Assassin” at 11:08am.

Be sure to drop by Zach Reddy’s Paleocomics and Emma Lysyk’s Em2a Cartoon booth (759)  They are both very talented and in addition to selling their own work they will have a small supply of DreamStalker Films Vol. I DVDs.

DSF Shorts V1 DVD Cover

DreamStalker Films Shorts Volume I

While in the exhibitor area be sure to check out Anti-Hero Brand Press (booth 681).  Artist John Chihak and Agnew will be there selling his work.  We had the pleasure of sitting in the booth next to this talented guy at last year’s con, so if you see him tell him we sent you.

Other than that we are running full force towards finishing Principle Photography on Slayer Wars 3.  We should be wrapping in September.

In the meantime, watch for completion of the long awaited Amoric video “Who Are You?”  Hopefully that will be soon now that we have a final cut of the song.

After that I’ll finish up “Fair Seasons” so it can be posted here.

The last half of the year will be occupied with shooting our untitled Steam Punk film and hopefully starting a limited webseries version of “Reunion”.

Hope to see you all at the Comicon on Saturday!

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Another 48 Hours…

by Herr Direktor on Mar.06, 2011, under Film News, Promotions/Events

As many of you may already know, DreamStalker Films just completed our third 48 Hour Film Challenge for A3F.  But more on that in a bit.  As I look at our site it looks like once again I have gone too long without an update… So here’s what’s happened so far for DSF in 2011:

How the Production Assistant tells the Director to shut up.

In January we completed a very long day of filming on Slayer Wars 3.  Special thanks to Chrissy for all her hard work in her return as “Darth Empiric” despite being very pregnant (she delivered a healthy baby girl less than two weeks after the shoot) and to Shannon for sticking through it most of the day despite being sick.

Chrissy Palmer as Darth Empiric

I have just completed the final cut of the “Voice” version of “Laptops’ Revenge”.  There were a few shots that just incredibly slowed the pacing (and this version was already a lot longer than my Director’s Cut) and I wanted that fixed before submitting it to any festivals.  I am burning copies of that to go out for submission to Filmstock and the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival next week.

A couple of weeks ago we met with Ryan Lunt and offered him the job of Propmaster for our upcoming Steampunk project later this year. Ryan has already created some amazing and original things and we look forward to working with him on this project as well as possibly creating more original DSF props in future films.

Last weekend we took on the A3F 48 Hour challenge again, as I mentioned earlier.  This time we spent more time in pre-production for “Fair Seasons” than we have in the past.  This was primarily due to needing to get costumes together and props (not to mention preparing the cameras and equipment for shooting in the rain).

Ryan Lunt creating wings for "Fair Seasons"

It was a cold and wet shoot but we all got through it.  Thanks to the actors and crew for sticking it out.  Unfortunately, due to the lateness of when we started (and me leaving the ND filter active on one camera) we had some rather dark shots toward the end.  Despite this, we finished filming and had all the footage captured by 8:00pm.

Before going to bed at 4am, I completed the rough cut and began compositing.

The Four Seasons in the rain.

Beginning again at 8am Sunday morning, I was off to finish visual effects while Derek Lookingbill ran Unit 2, re-recording all the dialogue for the film (as our original audio was plagued with planes, traffic, and annoying kids).

While Scott Kos composed music for the film (blind as he had no internet that day) and Shannon Griffith and Alanta Noel drove to pick it up, I finished compositing and editing as much of the new looped audio as possible.

At the time I had to stop in order to get it rendered and burned to a dvd in time to make the deadline I was less than halfway through adding the looped audio (and what was done was far from perfect), had not done a final mix, no sound effects were added, and the soundtrack was very haphazardly added.

Spring Vs. Winter

So, needless to say, we don’t consider the film finished and will not post it here until it is completed.  The film did not make the top 20 for the competition, as expected and did not premiere at their event.  I’ll post it as is here after it is finished.  Expect it in a few weeks (minimum), because I need a little break and I am currently brainstorming ideas on the Steampunk project while working on a draft for “Reunion”.

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