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Down and Out

Down and Out

Cast (in order of appearance):

Scott Kos as Scott

Laura Rappleye as Laura (Scott’s Friend)

Pete Haverson as Supportive Friend (Scott’s Other Friend)

Matt Torrez as Crime Novel Reader

Derek Lookingbill as Young Scott

Shannon Griffith as Girl Doing Homework

Alanta Noel as Scott’s Bride in the Original Timeline


Writer, Director, Producer: Joseph M. Benzer

Executive Producer: Derek Lookingbill

Story: Joseph M. Benzer and Derek Lookingbill

Story Consultants: Peter Haverson, Shannon Griffith, Laura Rappleye and Matt Torrez

Production Assistant: Shannon Griffith

Composer: Scott Kos

Glidecam Operator, Visual Effects Creator, Editor, Sound Designer: Joseph M. Benzer

Assistant Sound Designer: Derek Lookingbill

Grips: All


Scott is reminded of his failing marriage when he ends up in the same location he proposed to his wife ten years ago.  Hanging out with his friends he wishes he could go back and stop from ever asking her.

Suddenly he finds himself back at that moment 10 years prior and has his second chance.


“Down and Out” is DSF’s ninth film.  It was shot for A3F’s 48 hour One-Shot Film Challenge October 9-11th, 2009.

Competition Guidelines:

  • One continuous shot 1-3 minutes in length
  • Include the prop: Wristwatch.  Must be taken off or put on on screen.
  • Include the line: “That was easier than I thought”
  • Have the theme: Second Chance

The guidelines were revealed at about 7:30pm on October 9th and we had until October 11th at 7:oo PM to turn the film in to A3F in Phoenix.

Joe, Derek, Shannon, Matt, Laura, and Pete got together and brainstormed ideas for awhile after.  Time travel, which was Joe’s initial idea was settled on with a few additional contributions from that brainstorming session.

Joe went off to write and got stuck on the ending.  After discussing it for awhile with Derek, the ending was changed and settled on.  By 3am on the 10th he sent out a completed script.

The cast and crew gathered and after driving around trying to find a set since the first choice was not going to work, began shooting.  It took several takes to get everything right in one continuous take but finally got it by 3pm that afternoon.

Joe captured, edited, did visual effects, sound, and titles all by 3pm on October 11th.  The film was on disc and delivered to A3F by 6pm.

The film, unfortunately did not make the top 20 in the festival but still premiered early to a small crowd with the rest of the runners-up.

This film is featured on the DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol I DVD.

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