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Dreamscape Excursion

Dreamscape Excursion Poster


Matt Torrez as Michael Merricks (lead)

Camilla May as Kari Rachel Williams (blonde lead)

Laura Rappleye as Amy (brunette lead)


Writer, Director, Producer: Joseph M. Benzer

Cinematographer: Jay Montoya


What happens when reality seeps into the fantasy?   Michael Merricks is a freshman in college studying the fine art of drawing.  He spends his time alone fantasizing about a Hollywood actress he will never meet except in his dreams.

In his Dreamscape, Kari Rachel Williams exists only for him.  Until another woman begins invading this world.  Someone he recognizes but does not know.  A young woman in whose Dreamscape, Michael is the fantasy.


The second DreamStalker Film was shot on 16mm film over three days primarily on Arizona State University campus.  This film was the first DreamStalker Film based on entirely original material.

The titles and editing were all done on a computer, only the workprint was edited with actual film.

Based off the novel Dreamscape, by the director of Dreamscape Excursion, Joseph Benzer.  Excursion is described by him as, “a four and a half minute ad for the book.”  Dreamscape is the first of six novels that explore the concepts of telepathy, life on other worlds, becoming a superhero, and love and family.

This film is featured on the DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol I DVD.

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