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Phantom Dust: The Chronicles of Marshall Mordecai Cooper

DreamStalker Films’ first ongoing Steampunk webseries is in early pre-production.

Series Synopsis: In the mid 1800’s a new mineral nicknamed Phantom Dust has just been discovered.  The properties of this mineral create a scientific renaissance in America’s old west.  Scientists and Tinkerers are making leaps and bounds with new hybrid steam and Phantom Dust powered devices.

But this scientific revolution is not without significant consequences.  The Phantom Dust radiates… something that cannot be explained, and it is driving people mad.  From renowned scientists to the common tinkerer, insanity and delusions of grandeur are leading people to crime and acts of destruction.

Marshall Mordecai Cooper is part of a special division tasked to bring in rogue tinkerers who’s experimentation threaten everyone.  With his assistant, Tink, providing him safe devices and weaponry to combat Phantom Dust powered devices, Marshall Cooper faces these threats and brings them to justice.

The Pilot is currently in pre-production and a preview will be featured in DreamStalker Films’ short film, “The Con”.  The preview depicts Marshall Cooper bringing in a group of outlaw tinkerers who, under the influence of Phantom Dust, have developed a device that could cause far more harm than good.

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