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Slayer Wars

Watch Parts 1-4 of the film and stay tuned for Slayer Wars 2 Coming Soon!


Joseph M. Benzer as Jedu-Khr

Sara Stevens as Buffy Summers

Matt Torrez as Caldrin Re-Torr

Tim Haldane as The Master

Jennifer Benzer-Eskey as Shirley/Darth Empiric

Derek Lookingbill as Darth Mangle

Nick Benzer as Ni-Que Renn

Steven Nielsen as Jar Jar Binks III


Co-Directors: Joseph M. Benzer and Tim Haldane

Writer and Producer: Joseph M. Benzer

Executive Producer: Matt Torrez

Co-Directors of Photography: Joseph M. Benzer and Tim Haldane

Editors: Joseph M. Benzer and Tim Haldane

Director of Visual Effects: Tim Haldane


Set many years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and just after Buffy Summers graduated from Sunnydale High, Slayer Wars: The Vampyre Strikes Back, introduces venerable Jedi Master, Jedu-Khr, his former apprentice, Caldrin Re-Torr, and the young Padawan, Ni-Que Renn.


DreamStalker Films first production began in 1999.  Armed with one VHS camcorder, one Hi8 camcorder, and something that once resembled a tripod, Joe Benzer set forth to create his first Star Wars Fanfilm/Parody.  With him he took his friends, relatives, and anyone else he could find that would work for free.

Teamed with Tim Haldane they created their first film discovering how to do things as they went.  When they were shooting they had no idea how they would end up creating lightsabers, let alone a giant three headed monster.

They filmed on and off from the end of 1999 through 2001.  They spent the next three years in post production working on visual effects inspiring Tim to create his own special effects house, Black Shard Studios.

The film was shelved and considered completed at the beginning of 2004 but was still missing an original soundtrack.  The temporary soundtrack was left in place with music from multiple sources that helped inspire the film’s scenes.

In 2008, Joe got together with a new friend, Scott Kos, who had been working on composing his own electronic music for some time and was looking to work on movie scores.

Scott completed a brand new original score for the film and Joe remastered and recut the film in time to premiere at the 2009 Phoenix Comicon on January 23, 2009 where they also premiered the teaser for Slayer Wars 2.

Currently Joe is working on some making of featurettes to be included on a final format DVD of the film, which will be available free (except shipping and handling) upon request. You can view the original teaser and trailer for the film below:

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