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A group of independent filmmakers gather to pitch ideas for a film to submit to next year’s Comicon.  Each idea is seen in its completion as they go through the Comicon accepted genres.

A short film intended for the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival submission for 2013.  It was officially selected and will premiere in May 2013.  The film is in itself a collection of short films and was specifically intended for this submission.  Production began in September of 2012 and completed in January of 2013.


“The Pitch”

Joseph M. Benzer, Derek Lookingbill, Shannon Griffith, Alanta Noel, Pete Haverson


Ass-Assinatra: Shannon Griffith

Security Guard 1 and 3: Matt Torrez

Security Guard 3 and 4 and Zombie 3: Leon Noel

Wonderboobs: Alanta Noel

Hostage 1 and Zombie 1: Breanne Roxbury

Hostage 2 and Zombie 2: Clairissa O’Daniel

Super-Villain:  Derek Lookingbill

Zombie 4: Dori Perry

“Alien Goggles”


Directed by Joseph M. Benzer

Executive Producers: Joseph M. Benzer, Shannon Griffith, and Derek Lookingbill

Editing and Visual Effects by Joseph M. Benzer

Music by Scott Kos

“Anime” Artwork by Zach Reddy

Production Notes:

Filming began on September 22, 2012.  Nearly all shots of “The Pitch” sequence were completed on that night.  Several pickups and re-shoots were done all the way through Post-Production.

“Dwarves & Druids” sequence was filmed on October 6, 2012.  Most of the visual effects for this sequence were completed before the next shooting date.  Originally an additional drawing was intended but not completed in time.  Instead, a dragon plush, created by Dori Perry, based off the description in this sequence, was added in instead.

“Alien Goggles” sequence was filmed on November 3, 2012.  The visual compositing for the shots in this sequence were some of the most complicated DSF has done to date.

“Super-Heroines” sequence was filmed on December  29, 2013.

“Phantom Dust” sequence was  filmed on January 12, 2013.

The film premiered at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon Film Festival, kicking off the Convention with a film specifically for that convention.


The film includes 4 original sequences created solely for this film entitled “The Pitch”, “Super-Heroines”, “Alien Goggles”, “Anime”,  and “Dwarves & Druids”.  One of the longer sequences, “Phantom Dust”, is a portion of the intended pilot to DSF’s proposed Steampunk webseries Phantom Dust: The Chronicles of Marshall Mordecai Cooper.  Additionally, clips from DSF’s previous film “Fair Seasons” and the as yet unreleased “Slayer Wars 2″ and “Slayer Wars 3″ are also featured.

The line about finding somewhere to film the “Phantom Dust” sequence where they would not be kicked off, was changed in Post-Production as a reference to the fact that the filmmakers were kicked off their original location for that sequence.

This film is featured on the DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol II DVD and Blu-Ray.

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