DreamStalker Films

The DreamStalker Films Christmas Special


Four Christmas tales are featured in DreamStalker Films’ first Christmas Special sponsored by Dountain Mew.


Dennis Benzer, LeaAnn Benzer, Joseph M. Benzer, Nicholas Benzer, Shannon Griffith, Alanta Noel, Bret Thomas, Breanne Roxbury, Dori Dickens, Derek Lookingbill, Li Bowie, Matt Torrez, Corry Rinehart, and Leon Noel.

Story by:

Joseph M. Benzer, Shannon Griffith, Peter Haverson, Derek Lookingbill, Alanta Noel, Li Bowie, and Corry Rinehart.

Produced by:

Joseph M. Benzer and Shannon Griffith.

Written by: Joseph M. Benzer

Directed by: Derek Lookingbill and Joseph M. Benzer

DreamStalker Films’ third annual Two-Week Film Project was created with the following restrictions (pulled from a bucket full of random ideas):

Theme: Family Rivalry

Prop: A wrapped gift

Line of Dialogue: “But it was already dead!”

Pre-Production completed on time in a single week.  This involved far more than the typical script writing and setting up locations and actors.  Numerous props and costumes had to not only be gathered but several pieces had to be created specifically for this film.  Production completed on time over two days.  This film was co-owner, Derek Lookingbill’s directoral debut for DreamStalker Films.  Joseph M. Benzer co-directed primarily because Derek was actually a lead character in one of the sequences.

Post-Production was completed a day past the deadline, but still just in time for Christmas!  The film comprises of 20 composite visual effects shots, not including the special DSF logo.

The film was posted just in time for Christmas on December 24th, 2012.

This film is featured on the DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol II DVD and Blu-Ray.

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