DreamStalker Films

The Right Knight

Choose the Right Knight


Laura Rappleye as The Damsel

Joseph M. Benzer as The Jedi

Peter Haverson as The Villian

Aaron Solomon as The Knight


Writer, Director, and Producer:  Joseph M. Benzer

Assistant Camera Operators: Scott Kos, Mike Fink

Makeup: Laura Rappleye


When the damsel is threatened and saved by a literal knight in shining armor, does that mean she is destined to be with him?  What if this was not the knight she was waiting for?  What if she did not choose the right knight?


Right Knight was scheduled for a 3 day shoot in July of 2008.  The project was meant as a quick 5 minute short to get back into film making after several years of no productions for DreamStalker Films.  Very little went according to plan.

The first actress that agreed to play the Damsel, didn’t show on Day 1.  At the last minute someone else agreed to play the role and the day was not lost.

Day 2 went off without a hitch, but only required one actor, who was also the director.

Day 3 on the way to the set for the final day the lead actress got sick and had to turn back.  One shot was completed of a possible three at that point.  The heat made it almost impossible to keep the prosthetic wound on the Jedi’s face.

The actress that had completed half of her part of the film, never showed again.  We were forced to either scrap the film or reshoot day 1 with a new actress.  We went with a reliable actress that has been working with us since the first Slayer Wars… Laura Rappleye.

Day 4 was a reshoot of Day 1.  This time the weather threatened us.  It was overcast and very windy.  Luckily that fit the scene really well, even if it did make filming difficult.  Laura worked amazingly well, getting nearly all of the shots in a single take.

Day 5 finally everything went perfectly…  except we didn’t finish before the sun was down.

Day 6 a 40 minute drive back to set, for another 30 minutes of shooting to finish the film.

Currently the film is awaiting visual effects.  CG armor will be placed over Aaron’s Knight character.  Nearly all of the lightsaber effects have been completed.

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