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New Film, “The Quarantined”, is live with both a short version and Director’s Cut

by Herr Direktor on Apr.24, 2020, under Film News, Site Updates

Hey everyone, our newest film, “The Quarantined” that we shot as a 72-hour project is up, so check it out.  There are two versions, one that was for the A3F competition and had to be 3 minutes or less, and the longer (and what I think is better as it’s less rushed and doesn’t cut out any of the jokes) Director’s Cut.  You can see either below or check out the page for this film to see some more details about it.

As this is our 19th completed short film (including Slayer Wars 1) we’re hoping to get one more this year so we have 20 for 2020, so stay tuned…

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“After the Dance” – First Scripted Film in 3 Years!

by Herr Direktor on Mar.24, 2019, under Film News, Site Updates

Welcome back DreamStalker Films fans!  I know it has been a long time since you’ve seen any update on this site.  It has been a struggle to get any projects done in the past few years for personal reasons I won’t go into here.  Needless to say, we’re back now with our first completed scripted film in three years, “After the Dance“.  Check it out below or check out the page for the film for the details from the project.  This film is the directoral and screenwriting debut of Breanne Roxbury, a longtime DreamStalker collaborator, and we’re proud to finally present the finished project here.

Going forward, we still have a script that is ready to begin pre-production for a short film that should be a lot of fun as it is mostly action based and gopro camera heavy.  I expect this project to be our next film to move to production probably over this summer.

I am most excited about a webseries project we are in early pre-production on though as this one is going to be a puppet-based series.  Look for more to come on that down the road.

We still have a couple of other films on the pre-production list that we still intend to make down the road, though “Assassinatra” has been officially removed with “Cubicell”.

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“That Creepy House” is now Live!

by Herr Direktor on May.23, 2016, under Film News, Site Updates

The bad news is, our newest short film, “That Creepy House” did not make it into this year’s Phoenix Comicon Film Festival.  The good news is you won’t have to wait any longer to watch it as it is now available on our YouTube channel.  We recommend turning all other lights off when viewing as the film is intentionally dark (visually not too dark thematically).

A quick update on other projects:

The screenplay for “Hero” is completed and being reviewed and revised.  This will likely be our next project.

Currently we have two feature length screenplays being written, one being Assassinatra.

We are in the early brainstorming process for a new Christmas film that we hope to start shooting at the end of the ear and complete shooting early in 2017.

Slayer Wars 2 – Some of the visuals for the opening scenes have been completed.  The idea is to be releasing Slayer Wars 2 and three in segments as the films are completed.

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“Dead Scene” goes live!

by Herr Direktor on Oct.24, 2014, under Film News, Promotions/Events, Site Updates

I know it has been forever since there were any new films or updates on DSF… but I am pleased to announce we just completed our first horror film, “Dead Scene ” for the A3F 72 Hour Fright Fest Challenge.

You can see the final film above and see all the production details (including pictures from the theatrical premiere at the A3F Fright Fest last night) on the film’s main page here.

A missed post:
“Tea Time”, DreamStalker Films’ 4th Annual 2 Week Project premiered at the 2014 Phoenix Comicon last June. It too was well received in a good size audience.

A bit of site maintenance:

“Fair Seasons” (the film itself only) has been removed and will be offered exclusively on the DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol II DVDs and Blu-Rays.

“Cubicell” has officially been scrapped due to issues with post effects and the lead actor. The page for the unfinished film has been removed.

“Assassinatra”, “Christmas Cliche’d” (Joe Benzer, writer) and “The Pelican” (Breanne Roxbury, writer) have officially been added to the pre-production section on Films as we have officially begun those scripts.

Also… DSF ‘ s 5th Annual 2 Week Challenge starts October 31st, so expect our next film the weekend of November 15th!

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4th Annual Two Week Project Goes Live

by Herr Direktor on Dec.08, 2013, under Film News, Site Updates

Our two week project for 2013 is finally complete (about a week late)! I am very pleased with how this one turned out, so check it out. This is the first one for us written by Aaron Solomon (a long time actor for us). There’s also a new face for us in this one and some of our previous
actors get more leading roles this time about. So check it out below or on it’s page here.


Thanks to all the actors and crew on this one, you all did an amazing job!

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“The Con” Premieres, Goes Live!

by Herr Direktor on May.27, 2013, under Film News, Promotions/Events, Site Updates

Well, “The Con” premiered last Friday at the Phoenix Comicon.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see it at it’s early premiere.  We were happy that the laughs were plenty and in all the right places.  For everyone that didn’t get to come out, the fact that it has officially premiered now means that you can now watch it online!  Check it out on it’s permanent page here or directly on YouTube.

As I mentioned in the Q and A after the premiere and in the last blog, we are working toward our second DVD collection of shorts.  I hope to have that put together by the end of the year.  The DVDs will either be available when you donate to DreamStalker Films (did you notice we have a Donation Button for Paypal?) and/or at a Comicon Booth at some point in the future.

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DreamStalker Films Premieres

by Herr Direktor on May.17, 2013, under Film News, Promotions/Events, Site Updates

Greetings fans and followers!  Just a couple of quick updates and reminders during this very busy month.  First, don’t forget our brand new, never-before-seen film “The Con” premieres in one week at the Phoenix Comicon.  Mark the date, mark  the time, mark the location on your conquests: Friday, May 24th, Local Focus Block I starting at 10:30 am, Room 232B and C.

Second, a big thanks to Pages Per Content and Moses Fidal for showing two of our short films to the public for the first time last Friday at the Firehouse Art Gallery in Phoenix,  “Fair Seasons” and “99 Problems”.  A special thank you to Zen Jen for introducing us to Moses and giving us this opportunity.  Stay tuned, PPC will be doing more screenings throughout the summer, if I hear they are planning on showing any more of our films we will let you know.

Third, Derek just completed his second directed film (the first being “The DreamStalker Films Christmas Special”), “Rankle in the Breast“.  The film recently premiered and will likely be a bonus feature on the upcoming Vol II DVD.  Stay tuned, that will also be available to view online shortly too. [Update: Rankle in the Breast is now live with it's own page on our site!  Check it out!]

Lastly, progress is being made on the DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol II DVD.  With the completion of “The Con” we finally have enough films again to make sure we have a nice selection for this next collection.  I am currently working on getting together some special features (namely gag reels for certain) that will be available exclusively on this DVD.  Additionally, now that “Fair Seasons” has had a public screening, it has now been retired off the internet.  Our page is still up on this site for information, but the film will now be an exclusive only for this DVD.

Be sure to come out to the Phoenix Comicon next Friday to see “The Con” and look for a new blog right here shortly after Memorial Day weekend!

-Herr Direktor

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“The DreamStalker Films Christmas Special” – Now Live!

by Herr Direktor on Dec.24, 2012, under Film News, Site Updates

Merry Christmas!

As many of you may or may not know, we have been hard at work working on “The Con”, our 2013 film for submission to the Phoenix Comicon.  This is one of our largest projects since Slayer Wars and is taking a lot of time and energy to produce.  We stlll have two more shooting days to complete before we speed through post-production to meet the Jan 31st deadline.

While we’ve been working on the post-production for the sequences we have completed on “The Con” and prepping for the sequences we have yet to film, we have squeezed in another project: our annual two-week film!  This one barely made it into 2012 with everything else going on, but we just managed to complete it.  As a gift to our fans, we managed to make this one Christmas themed, and just in time!

If you want to see the details on the film, check out the page for it here.  Without further ado, click on the video for “The DreamStalker Films Christmas Special”

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“The Con” Begins Filming and Goings On With DSF

by Herr Direktor on Sep.29, 2012, under Film News, Site Updates

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve updated the site, it probably looks like DreamStalker Films’ has shutdown to anyone not following us on Facebook.  So here’s what’s been going on:

My primary DreamStalker Films external hard drive crashed a few months ago.  Unfortunately it was completely unrecoverable.  Because of this I lost (amongst other things) a couple of finished lightsaber shots from “Fall of the Sith” and the finished rough cuts of Slayer Wars 2 and 3.  I a few months of editing of Slayer Wars 3 (because I had forgotten to be backing up on that one), but everything for Slayer Wars 2 was backed up.

So, I have a lot of work to do still to get back up to where I was on Slayer Wars 3.  However, we have completed almost all of the dialogue replacement that was needed for Slayer Wars 2.  The next step on Slayer Wars is to trim down the rough cut now that the dialogue can be heard all the way throughout.  After that, I’ll work on getting Slayer Wars 3 back up to the rough cut I had before.  Once that is complete we’ll finish recording dialogue replacement for that one (over half of it has already been re-recorded).  Then, Scott will be mixing the final version of the musical sequence.  Finally, we’ll do another screening of 2 and 3 with all the cast and crew.  (Post-production visual effects should become higher on the list of to-do projects by then but will still take quite a long time)

I have also been continuing to work on lightsaber effects for “Fall of the Sith”.  There’s still plenty to do with this one and I am still hoping to be done by the end of the year, but as I have just done the schedule for DSF for the rest of the year, we may be too busy for me to finish, so it may be more like the first half of 2013.

Last week we completed our first day of filming our new film, “The Con”.  This film is something Shannon Griffith came up with as an idea for us to do specifically for submission to the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival next year, so we’re on a bit of a time crunch and it’s more like doing 6 short films in one.  We have two more shooting days for this one this year and then the final two shooting days will be in January.  One of the sequences for this short will be a sequence previewing the pilot to our upcoming webseries Phantom Dust: The Chronicles of Mordecai Cooper.

Additionally, we still have our annual DSF Two-Week Project this year.  We’ll be doing this in December and should have the film posted on our site for Christmas (you’re welcome)!

So I have a lot of pre-production stuff to get ready for the rest of “The Con” but keep checking back and I’ll try to keep this blog posted with updates.

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“Schoolyard Ninjas” Goes Live!

by Herr Direktor on Mar.26, 2012, under Film News, Promotions/Events, Site Updates

Eleven years since it was filmed on a warm Arizona day… “Schoolyard Ninjas” has finally been completed.  The short was directed by Jay Montoya all those years ago while we were in our second semester of Film Class at ASU.  I was on camera (16mm) and after the film was shelved for a few years I took over Producing and all other Post-Production (thanks to Jay for giving me the opportunity to work on this film again).

I’d like to thank the voice over cast (Pete Haverson, Matt Torrez, Shannon Griffith, Alanta Noel, and Derek Lookingbill) as well as composer Scott Kos for their participation in finally getting this project completed.

This film and our last Two-Week Challenge, “99 Problems…” have both been submitted to the Phoenix Comicon 2012 Film Festival this last week, so may the Force be with us!

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