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Lord Narasimha Prayer Video Live

by Herr Direktor on May.08, 2017, under Uncategorized

DreamStalker Films was recently hired to film and edit a musical performance of the Lord Narasimha Prayer at ISKCON of Phoenix.  The final video has been uploaded and added to our YouTube channel and here:

Additionally, there is a video of the Services from that day as well as a short Behind the Scenes video that will be posted below when it is live.

Please check out ISKCON of Phoenix’s site by clicking the link below for more info about them:


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Remembering Scott Kos

by Herr Direktor on May.08, 2017, under Uncategorized

I am sure most if not everyone familiar with this site is aware by now that on May 21, 2016, we lost a great composer, actor, producer, and director, Scott Kos. Scott composed nearly every single score for DreamStalker Films in the last 7 years and was the final piece we had been missing for many years after we started making films. He was one of the main reasons we have more completed films than incomplete ones. His loss is honestly detrimental to our company and we are looking for new sources of music, with miraculously at least one solid lead, which arose at Comicon… much the same way the business relationship started with Scotty.

On a personal note, Scotty was a good friend that inspired me to keep going with his positive and enthusiastic attitude with everything that came at him. I saw him at some lows, and he always was able to regroup and turn negatives into positives with only a few minutes of regrouping himself. His light will be missed.

As a tribute to him and all his work he did with us I have posted a memorial video here.

Additionally, at Phoenix Comicon this year, there was a tribute for him as well that I filmed (most of), which can be seen here.

We will miss you, my friend.

(Nearly a year later, I see this never got posted. Grief is a hell of a thing.)


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“Conjured Alteration” Goes Live

by Herr Direktor on Nov.25, 2014, under Uncategorized

Our 2 Week Project for 2014 is finally complete (a little over a week late)…

You can check out the details about the film here.

This film, “Dead Scene”, and “Tea Time (at least), we are tentatively planning to submit to the Phoenix Film Festival this year.

That’s pretty much all I got for now. I plan to work on the scripts for “Assassinatra” and “Christmas Cliche’d” over the next month or so, hopefully in time to film the snowy parts of the latter film in January.

-Herr Direktor

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Update: 49 ‘Til Midnight’s 6/5/10 Whole Performance Now Available Here!

by Herr Direktor on Jun.20, 2010, under Uncategorized

Hey DreamStalker Films Fans!

Just a quick update on the 49 ‘Til Midnight project:

I completed all of the editing on the 6/5/10 gig in the last couple of days.  All of the individual original songs (10 in total) by the band are now posted here on dreamstalkerfilms.com and on YouTube.  Click here to go to the 49 ‘Til Midnight page and see them all!

In other, music related news… DSF has just begun pre-production on a video for our long time friends, Amoric.  More details to come as we move into production.  Click here to check out Amoric’s site.

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Comicon Update! Specials for the Final day of PCC!

by Herr Direktor on May.29, 2010, under Uncategorized

OK everyone who’s heard about us or talked to us at the Comicon and decided not to pick up any DreamStalker Films items, be sure to come by tomorrow for the final day at the Con!

Our special deal for everyone on the final day will be:

$15 for any T-Shirts, any sizes, and get a free DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol 1 DVD or a DreamStalker Films Vinyl Decal


Say the exclusive website passcode: “Fifty-Seven” and get a T-Shirt for only $10.


Say the exclusive website pass phrase: “Remo” and get 2 decals or 2 DVDs (or one of each) for the price of one!

Act fast while supplies last!

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Phoenix Comicon 2010 – Final Pre-Con Update!

by Herr Direktor on May.25, 2010, under Uncategorized

Greetings DreamStalker Films fans!  The Phoenix Comicon starts tomorrow night!

Here’s the details:

Location: Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency

Times (for the Exhibitor Hall where the DreamStalker Films table will be located):

Thursday: 6-9pm

Friday: 12pm-8pm

Saturday: 10am-7pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

Derek and/or I will be at the DreamStalker Films table T120 for the entire event along with actresses Shannon Griffith and Alanta Noel (and perhaps a few other actors from DreamStalker Films).  We will be showing a DVD Reel with all of the completed DSF projects from “Slayer Wars 1″ through “The Family That Decays Together…” along with some behind the scenes videos and a sneak peak at upcoming films.

As I reported before, we will be selling DreamStalker Films Shorts Vol 1 DVDs, T-Shirts, and Car Decals.  Come by and pick something up and sign up for a mailing list.

DSF Shorts V1 DVD Cover

Additionally, our newest film will premiere on Friday as part of the Film Festival, so be sure not to miss it for the first time on the big screen!

Friday 1:40 PM – Premiere of “Family That Decays Together…”

After you stop by the DreamStalker Films table be sure to wonder over to table T70 and check out Paleocomics by artist Zach Reddy.  Zach designed and created our website as well as upgrading all of our DreamStalker Films logos from my hand drawn designs to the professional ones we use today.  He’s an incredibly talented artist and will be selling his work.

Be sure to stop by the Probed: Signals table at T113.  Probed: Signals is an AZ created webseries by Joel Cranson.  Be sure to check it out, these are some really talented people, and they too will be selling DVDs (which will be one of my first purchases at this event).

This will be our last post before the event, but be sure to continue to come back as we may be adding posts and pictures while at the Con.  Hope to see you all there!

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2009: A Year in Review & 2010: Plans For the Year

by Herr Direktor on Feb.04, 2010, under Uncategorized

Hey everyone, as promised on my last post here is a quick year in review for 2009 and a rundown on what’s to come for 2010:

  • January  14th, 2009: “Slayer Wars: Episode LVII: The Vampyre Strikes Back” finally completed after nearly 10 years.  Thanks to Scott Kos, this Uber-Special Edition cut had a brand new original score.

Joe and Derek at the Slayer Wars Premiere

  • 27 days of shooting on “Slayer Wars 2” in 2009.  September 11, 2009 was the final night shooting “Slayer Wars 2.”

  • September 20, 2009: “Slayer Wars 3” Filming commences.

  • October 9th-11th : Kick-Off for A3F One Shot 48hr Film Contest, Filming next day, Editing.  The outcome was “Down and Out.”
  • October 21st: Public Screening of One-Shot

  • October 24th – First screening of the first cut of Slayer Wars 2.
  • 8 Total days of shooting on Slayer Wars 3 in 2009.


  • First half of 2010 – “Slayer Wars 2”: Second Trailer.

  • January 2010: “Slayer Wars 3” Day 9 and 10.  Slayer Wars 3 production is to be completed over the course of this year.  Judging by the number of pages for the script and how long Slayer Wars 2 took, I expect at least another 25-35 days of shooting, so it will likely be between October and December when we finally wrap.
  • February 12-14, 2010: 48 Hour A3F Film Challenge.  We’ll be competing in another 48 hour film competition, let us know if you’ll be available to help this weekend.
  • May 27-30, 2010: Phoenix Comicon 2010- DreamStalker Films will have a table for screening all of our films.  We intend to be selling a DreamStalker Films DVD, T-Shirts, and Decals.  We should have some freebies to give away and hopefully some first looks at our films in progress.

Additional goals:

  • Completion of “Cubicell.”
  • Shooting of a ten minute short film version of “Reunion.”
  • Finishing the Look Out For That Snake Productions film, “Schoolyard Ninjas.”  This was a 16mm Film shot many years ago that is in my possession and I’ll be putting it together finally.
  • Finishing new saber effects for Out For That Snake Productions film, “Fall of the Sith,” another 16mm shot a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  I’ll be re-cutting this one and Scott Kos will be putting together a new score for it as well (which will likely be heard in Slayer Wars 2 as well).
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Slayer Wars 1 Online for the first time!

by Herr Direktor on Aug.28, 2009, under Uncategorized

Slayer Wars Online After almost ten years since filming began on the original Slayer Wars the film was finally completed early this year with an original score thanks to the awesome work of Scott Kos.  It had it’s first real premiere at January’s Phoenix Comicon to great success.

Finally, the film is available to everyone via the world wide web!  The film did have to be clipped into under ten minute segments to preserve quality (and fulfill YouTube requirements).  So if you’ve never seen it before or missed the premiere and have never seen it with the new score, check it out on the Slayer Wars page.

As we wrap up principle photography on Slayer Wars 2 and begin filming Slayer Wars 3, keep checking back on the site for further information and some upcoming exclusives!

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First Post!

by admin on Aug.19, 2009, under Uncategorized

Welcome to Dreamstalker Films.  This is our first post!

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